Aerospace Systems Engineering

Aerospace Systems Engineering Option

The Aerospace Engineering Department is pleased to offer a Master’s program in Aerospace Systems Engineering (SE).  This program is intended to be completed in one academic year (i.e., in two semesters) and aims at providing students with a good foundation in the methods and tools involved in the definition and management of complex, multidisciplinary aerospace design projects. Since the SE program is a special option of the AE MS-NT program, the overall requirements are similar to the Master’s Non-thesis program, i.e.,

  • A total of 32 hours of coursework, 16 of which must be in AE
  • At least 12 hours of 500-level courses, minimum of 8 hours of these must be AE 500-level courses

Note that, as it is the case for the non-thesis option of the MS program, no financial support is provided by the department for students enrolled in the SE option.

Application Information:

Current graduate students must complete the SE Option Registration Form and submit it to the Aerospace Engineering Graduate Office in order to enroll in the SE program. Students applying for the Aerospace Engineering's MS Non-thesis graduate program should choose ‘systems engineering’ as their preferred interest area and include the SE Option Registration Form with their application. Application information may be found here.

Students enrolled in the SE program will receive a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering with a certificate in Systems Engineering.

Program Information:

AE SE MS Non-Thesis Degree Curriculum

SE Option Advising Document

Program Administration:

Steven J. D'Urso
Program Coordinator and Lecturer
sjdursoatillinois [dot] edu

Staci Tankersley
Program Coordinator Graduate Programs
tankatillinois [dot] edu



Program Administration:

elliottgatillinois [dot] edu (Prof. Greg Elliott)
Associate Head, Graduate Programs

tankatillinois [dot] edu (Staci McDannel)
Program Coordinator, Graduate Programs

Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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