News Stories

Dan Bodony
To quiet jet noise, AE Associate Prof. Dan Bodony models engine airflow on XSEDE supercomputers.
Jason Patrick, Jeff Moore, Nancy Sottos, Scott White, Maxwell Robb
In a sweeping perspective article published in Nature, Scott White and his AMS collaborators review the field of autonomous polymers and...
Artist's concept of the Talbot Laboratory addition
Aerospace Engineering will honor astronaut Steve Nagel as part of an expansion for new composites and nano-satellite laboratories.
Booker T. Washington STEM night
It's the job of the Illini Aerospace Outreach student group to get the word out about aerospace engineering.
Alberto Davila
With tuition help from the Give Something Back Foundation, AE senior Alberto Davila gains a college degree and status as a role model.
Sriramya Bhamidipati
Graduate student Sriramya Bhamidipati impresses at the ION GNSS+ Conference with her project using GPS to improve the power grid.
Srikanth Raviprasad
AE graduate student Srikanth Raviprasad has won a ACCE scholarship from the Society of Plastic Engineers.
Scott White
The Society of Engineering Science selects Scott White as a new Fellow.
Illinois Space Day 2016
The national Student for the Exploration and Development of Space has chosen the Illinois Space Society for the SEDS Chapter of the Year...
robotic prosthetic hand
Kyung Yun Choi will make a case for using soft material in prosthetic hands during the Graduate College's Research Live! competition.
Scott White, Nancy Sottos
An Illinois research team including Scott White and Nancy Sottos has won the Oil and Gas Award at the IChemE Global Awards 2016.
Harry Hilton 90th birthday celebration
Several AE alumni and colleagues of Emeritus Prof. Harry Hilton gathered for a seminar in honor of his 90th birthday.
AE grad students AY 2016-17
More and more students are enjoying the flexibility of AE's online master's degree program.
Scott White Faculty Entrepreneurial Fellow
AE Prof. Scott White shares startup experience with students while commercializing self-healing batter technology.
AE Associate Prof. Timothy Bretl in the classroom.
Tim Bretl is among the elite engineering educators chosen to participate in the NAE Frontiers of Engineering Education symposium.
AE Prof. Ioannis Chasiotis has been named a University of Illinois Faculty Scholar, an honor recognizing faculty excellence.
AIAA Space Design Competition
Continuing a tradition of success, AE teams sweep first, second, and third in the AIAA space design competition.
Shee-Mang Yen
Former students pay tribute to the late Emeritus Prof. Shee-Mang Yen.
Autonomous Materials Systems technique
The Autonomous Materials Systems Group has discovered a new method to find microscopic damage before composite materials fail.
Hyperloop team
AE students join Hyperloop Pod competition.


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