Aerospace Engineering Alumni Board

The mission of the University of Illinois Aerospace Engineering Alumni Board is to advance the standing, reputation, effectiveness, accomplishments, and leadership of the Department and, secondarily, the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois. 

Roles of the AE Alumni Board members:

  • To offer and maintain communication between the Department of Aerospace Engineering and its alumni.
  • Assist the Department in reaching out to high school students to foster their interest in the Aerospace Engineering Department.
  • Participate in mentorship opportunities for current students.
  • Provide assistance to Aerospace student organizations (assist in projects, student visits/tours, and webinars).
  • Support student groups and courses in the curriculum by presenting “state of industry” or technical lectures.


President:  Mark A. Crowley BS AE ’83, SolFocus
Vice President:  Laura Bogusch BS AE ’95, MS TAM ’97, Boeing

Scott D. Altman BS AE ’81, ASRC Research & Technology Solutions
Lee J. Archambault BS ’82, MS ’84, NASA
Melissa T. Bradley BS AE ’03 FAA
Blaine Brown BS AE 81’ Lockheed Martin
David Cunefare BS AE ’80, QinetiQ-North America
Ben L. Doeckel BS AE ’81, Alliant Techsystems
Earl Dowell BS AE ’59, Duke University
Steve V. Drum BS AE ’56, Chevron (retired)
Shirley Dyke BS AE ’91, Purdue University
Jeff Fisher BS AE ’83, Lockheed Martin
Robert L. Gallo BS AE ’76 IBM
Bruce T. Goodwin MS AE ’77, PHD AE ’82, Lawrence Livermore National Labs
Carrie A. Hartman BS AE ’97, MS AE ’99, Boeing
Nadya Heinrich BS AE ‘91, MS AE ’93, Boeing
Stephen J. Hoffman BS AE ’78, MS AE ’80, PHD AE ‘84, SAIC
Terry J. Jaggers BS AE ’87, National Academy of Science
Daniel T. Jensen BS AE ’88, Rolls-Royce
Gail Jonkouski BS AE ’80, Golftech
Gary Joseph BS AE ’78, Northrop Grumman
Alan B. Kehlet BS AE ’51, Kehlet Co.
Abdollah (Abdi) Khodadoust PHD AE ’93, Boeing
Michael F. Lembeck BS AE ’80, MS AE ’81, PHD AE ’91, DCI Services and Consulting
Jerry L. Lundry BS AE ’58, MS AE ’59, Boeing (retired)
Richard L. Mange BS AE ’86, MS AE ’90, PHD AE ’96, Lockheed Martin
Robert H. Meixner BS AE ’70, MS AE ’72, Accenture (retired)
Jason M. Merret BS AE ’99, MS AE ’01, PHD AE ’04, Gulfstream
Michael W. Miller BS AE ’76, Comspace Development
Jim Mocarski BS '89, Northrop Grumman
George K. Muellner BS AE ’67, Lt. General USAF (retired)
Steven R. Nagel BS AE ’69, University of Missouri
John Rice BS AE ’81, Compressor Controls Corporation
David R. Riley BS AE ’77, Boeing
David Sliwa BS AE 82’, Insitu Inc
John K. Soldner BS AE ’77, MS AE ’79, SAIC
Jay Thomas BS AE ’00, MS AE ’02, LDRA Software Technology
James Xerikos BS AE ’53, MS AE ’56, PHD AE ’59, Boeing
Richard E. Zelenka BS AE ’87, Sheridan Ross P.C.