Appointments FAQ

Detailed information about funding your graduate education can be found in the Graduate College Handbook

Q: How do I apply for funding?

A: Research assistantships are offered by individual faculty members. You should contact faculty in your area of interest to inquire about research assistantships.

Teaching assistantships are determined by a teaching assistantship committee. Please note that the department does not offer teaching assistantships to MS non-thesis students.

Announcements for fellowship opportunities are usually sent to graduate students via email. You should visit the Fellowship Office website to learn about other opportunities.

In addition you may want to consider the other employment opportunities:

Q: Does my appointment provide a tuition and fee waiver?

A: Assistantships which are 25% to 67% provide a tuition and fee waiver. Please note that you will lose your tuition and fee waiver if you work more than 67%. This includes time worked on hourly appointments.

Example: You have a 50% assistantship which is equivalent to 20 hours per week. If you also have an hourly appointment, the most time you can report on that appointment per week is 6.8 hours (40 hours per week x 67% = 26.8 hours).

Also, please note that international students may not work more than 50% (20 hours per week) when school is in session.

Q: What does the tuition and fee waiver cover?

  • Tuition

  • Service Fee

  • $130 per semester of the Health Insurance Fee

  • Health Service Fee

  • AFMFA Fee

  • Library Fee

Q: Who do I contact for questions about deductions and taxes?

A: Please contact the Payroll Office at 265-6363 or payinqatuillinois [dot] edu. You can also visit their office at 100A North Henry Administration Building, 506 S. Wright Street.

Q: Do I have to be registered in order to hold an assistantship?

A: You must be registered during the academic year in order to hold an assistantship.  The department does not require students to register in the summer. However, you should check with your advisor before deciding not to register.  Also, international students must be registered during the summer if it is their first or last semester on campus. Students who are not registered during the summer will be assessed additional taxes (~7.5%) for old age and Medicare.

Q: I did not receive my check/I think the payment is incorrect.

A: Please contact Staci Tankersley at tankatillinois [dot] edu if you do not receive a check or if there seems to be a problem with the payment. Offer letters are emailed to all students who will hold assistantships. If you are expecting an assistantship but do not receive an offer letter, please contact Staci at tankatillinois [dot] edu.



Program Administration:

elliottgatillinois [dot] edu (Prof. Greg Elliott)
Associate Head, Graduate Programs

tankatillinois [dot] edu (Staci McDannel)
Program Coordinator, Graduate Programs

Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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