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AE professor to serve as Associate Editor for Journal of Applied Mechanics.
Illinois alumnus Timothy A. Cochrane has joined AE at Illinois as the new Associate Director for Advancement.
AE's Sottos, White, students' work in developing self-healing materials that mimic biological processes featured on the American...
AE professor, group works to determine how sophisticated, unmanned surveillance vehicles can provide anti-terrorism and force protection...
Assistant professor and an ECE alumna win Best Manipulation Paper Award at IEEE International conference on Robotics and Automation.
Three AE student teams designed and built rockets then tested them against the best from other colleges and universities in five Midwestern...
The Illinois Robotics in Space (IRIS) team placed third of 57 teams competing in the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition Systems Engineering...
"To design a brand new vehicle is every aerospace engineer's dream," says AE alumnus Sam Schweighart. So he and his...
The first five students of AE's new Aerospace Systems Engineering master's degree program have now graduated.
AE at Illinois wishes hearty congratulations to Undergraduate Student Coordinator Barb Kirts on her retirement from the University of...
Five AE students moved closer to the dream of being an astronaut when the NASA chose their team to conduct an experiment in microgravity.
For the first time, AE researchers demonstrate the control functions that allow birds to successfully perform a soft landing.
P. Barry Butler addresses the audience at the April 21 College of Engineering Awards Convocation
High School students attended Illinois Space Day recently on the U of I campus.
Emeritus Prof. and former AE Department Head Wayne Solomon has been inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame at the University of Idaho.
The Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society at Illinois has chosen AE Assistant Prof. Daniel J. Bodony for the Eminent Engineer Award.
Four AE-related exhibits receive awards during the 2012 Engineering Open House (EOH), held March 9 and 10.
AE undergraduate Eric A. Anden of Hinsdale, Illinois, will be welcomed into the 2012 class of the Knights of St. Patrick during a ball this...
AE Assistant Prof. Cedric Langbort's research efforts can be compared to a very high-tech game of hide and seek.
What does a person's ability to say "Ahhhh" have to do with aeronautics? More than one might think.


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