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An Aerospace Engineering summer camper on a field trip to Willard Airport.
High school students get a taste of Aerospace Engineering during summer camps.
Tree in front of lake
Having battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Mallory Casperson reaches out to other cancer patients through her website, Lacuna Loft.
IRIS Lunabotics robot
IRIS competes in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition
News story image
3-D printing of spare parts was one of the concepts an Illinois team offered for a lunar outpost design.
ISEE3-ICE Satellite
Claiming a "supernatural connection" with ISEE3-ICE, Bob Farquhar and his associates want to repurpose the retired satellite.
NERIO-1 mission architecture concept of operations from beginning to end.
Aerospace Engineering students traveled to Pasadena to participate in the biennial SpaceOps conference.
News story image
Illinois team vies for international supremacy in the Global Trajectory Optimization Competition.
Illinois team takes part in the NASA Rocket Launch competition.
An Illinois team's design for a rocket launch payload includes an experiment to determine the effects of microgravity on fluid mixing...
Student SpaceGrant Systems rocket
An Illinois freshmen team gains the highest score in a regional rocket launch competition.
Student Aircraft Builders
the Student Aircraft Builders receive a large grant to further the group's project.
Christopher Ostoich
AE researchers' simulations to help build reusable hypersonic vehicles earns recognition.
Mike Hopkins
Fresh from the International Space Station, AE alumnus Mike Hopkins delivers the 2014 Commencement Address.
Jeremy Morton
Springtime is awards time for Aerospace Engineering students.
Regenerative plastic
Scott White's group has developed a regenerative plastic.
Alma Mater
AE presents Distinguished Alumni and Outstanding Recent Alumni awards.
LS-STO/VKI Lecture Series
LS-STO/VKI Lecture Series makes a rare U.S. appearance with an event at the University of Illinois.
Astronaut Michael Hopkins
Mike Koon, Engineering Communications Office
Alma Mater
Greg Elliott and Akash Shah have received the Engineering at Illinois Stanley H. Pierce awards.
Aerospace Engineering undergraduate Bentic Sebastian
AE undergrad Bentic Sebastian wins the William R. Schowalter Award.
News story image
Scott White's group develops a self-healing system for fiber-composite materials.


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