Elliott Films “Hail to the Orange” Video Using UAV


Showing his Illini pride, Aerospace Engineering at Illinois Prof. Gregory Elliott has produced a beautiful video of the Urbana campus using a remote-controlled hexacopter.

Featuring aerial views of Illinois landmarks accompanied by “Hail to the Orange” (as performed by The Marching Illini with special thanks to Prof. Barry Houser for allowing the use of this rendition), Elliott, created the aerial filming and video using a hexacopter (DJI F550 with a NAZA-M v2 controller with GPS) and stabilized camera (GoPro Hero3 with a Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal).

Hexacopter used to film "Hail to the Orange Aerial UIUC"

Greg Elliott
Greg Elliott
Elliott recently developed an AE course (AE498UAV) covering the design and manufacturing of remote controlled UAVs for civilian applications. Students enrolled in AE also utilize multi-rotor quadcopters in Aerospace Decision Algorithms (AE 483), a required senior-level course that teaches the students how to integrate sensors, actuators, and control methodologies utilized in these vehicles. On the research side, AE faculty, including Profs. Michael Selig, Tim Bretl, and Soon-Jo Chung, study the aerodynamics, propulsion, flight mechanics, sensing, and control aspects of fixed wing, rotorcraft and flapping wing UAVs.

AE at Illinois offers undergraduate and graduate courses in astronautics and aeronautics covering the fundamentals and advanced topics associated with unmanned space and air vehicles including their design, dynamics and control algorithms, aerodynamics, propulsion, materials and structures. Courses in the curriculum and student projects allow hands-on experiences with satellites, and both multi-rotor and fixed wing aircraft.

For more information, please peruse AE’s website .

Enjoy the video!   I-L-L I-N-I!