Materials and Structures

The research being conducted in materials and structures is very diverse. Several projects focus on different aspects of dynamic fracture problems, while other projects focus on issues associated with viscoelastic properties, probabilistic minimum weight analysis, strain rate and temperatures of metals, simulation of fatigue response and modeling of self-healing composites, manufacture and damage detection in composite materials, developing a nanostructured materials learning network, shape-memory microflaps, and three-dimensional microvascular networks. There are currently twenty-three active research projects in materials and structures. Several of these projects are sponsored by government agencies and leading industry companies such as: the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy/ASCI Center for the Simulation of Advanced Rockets, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, AdTech Engineering, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, NASA/ODU Research Foundation, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The research is conducted by faculty members, numerous graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting scholars.

Faculty Researchers:

  • I. Chasiotis - Experimental mechanics of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS), thin films, and inhomogeneous/anisotropic materials at the nanoscale, deformation and damage mechanics of polymer nanocomposites

  • H.B. Chew - Fracture mechanics, Nano and micromechanics of materials, and Multi-scale modeling and simulations

  • P. Geubelle - Computational solid mechanics, computational aeroelasticity, fracture mechanics, novel material design, composite materials, multiscale modeling

  • H. H. Hilton (Professor Emeritus) - Solid mechanics, viscoelasticity, composites, structures, dynamics, numerical analysis, computer-aided engineering, aeroelasticity, structural control

  • J. Lambros - Static and dynamic fracture mechanics

  • S. R. White - Manufacturing of composites, solid mechanics, composite materials, smart structures and materials