Systems and Control

The research being conducted in systems and control ranges from the development and analysis of system software to the design of control systems. Some of the current projects focus on dynamical peer-to-peer vehicle systems; endogenous growth and ecological policy; recovery from engine failure on takeoff; controlled-mobility wireless networks, creation, modeling, and analysis of hybrid systems; large telescopic systems; robust communication; and atomic force microscopy. There are currently fourteen active research projects in systems and control. Several of these projects are sponsored by government agencies and leading industry companies such as: the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the National Science Foundation, the Pioneer Corporation, NASA Glenn Research Center, and the University of Zurich. The research is conducted by faculty members, numerous graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting scholars.

Faculty Researchers:

  • Soon-Jo Chung - Autonomous systems, aerospace robotics, and nonlinear control theory

  • B. A. Conway (Professor Emeritus) - Celestial mechanics, optimal control, numerical optimization

  • Grace Gao - Cooperative positioning, navigation, and sensing. Systems, signals, control and robotics

  • N. S. Namachchivaya - Nonlinear dynamical systems, including bifurcation theory, stability analysis, stochastic processes, structural dynamics

  • P. G. Voulgaris - Robust control of time-varying and nonlinear systems, general systems theory, estimation and identification of complex systems, emphases on aerospace applications