UAV Navigation Lab

Faculty Researchers Location Phone Website
Grace Gao 330 Talbot Lab 217-333-6360  

The Gao research group lab houses a variety of aerial vehicles and navigation sensors utilized to conduct research in GPS-based navigation and timing. The aerial vehicles include a fixed-wing UAV, a number of commercial multicopeters, and quadroters designed and built by Gao research group. The lab is funded by AFRL, Army, NASA, DHS, DoE, Rockwell Collins, etc.

Research Highlights

Joint GPS and 3D-vision direct position estimation


Multi-receiver direct positioning tested on a C12 plane


Deep coupling of GPS-Lidar-IMU for UAVs


Robust GPS-based timing for phasor measurement units in power systems


iBQR: Quadrotor platform for Robust and Reliable Navigation


ShinerBot: robot swarm navigation inspired by Golden Shiner fish


Mobile UAV testing platform for safe flight tests


Field testing under real-world complex interference