Aerospace Robotics and Control Research Lab

Faculty Researchers Location Phone Website
Professor S. J. Chung 317 Talbot Lab 217-244-2737 Aerospace Robotics and Control Group

Description of Research:

Directed by Prof. S. J. Chung. The Aerospace Robotics and Control Research Group is focusing on 1) Cooperative control and synchronization of multi-agent systems including formation flying UAVs and spacecraft, CPG-based flapping flight, robot locomotion, and multi-robot coordination, 2) Control experimentation and instrumentation, 3) Nonlinear control theory (contraction analysis), 4) Sensor-based path planning and vision-based SLAM. The lab currently has multiple UAV testbeds, cooperative autonomous rovers, and robotic flapping flying bats (AFOSR Young Investigator Award). In addition, the ARL currently has a 700 size UAV helicopter and two 400 size MAV helicopters. The autopilot avionics systems are based on Micropilot's MP2048, fully integrated with 3-axis gyros/accelerometers, GPS, pressure altimeter, pressure airspeed sensors, all on a single circuit board. The lab is equipped with a oscilloscope, function generators, and two external realtime control computers (dSpace and Quanser). We are currently obtaining a Vicon motion tracking camera system for rapid prototyping of UAV swarm research activities. This equipment will be shared with Prof. Michael Selig.