Shock Tube and High Pressure Combustion Lab

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Professor R. L. Burton; Professor H. Krier;
Professor  N. G. Glumac
Room 13
Talbot Laboratory

Description of Research:

Co-directed by Professor R. L. Burton, Professor H. Krier, and Professor N. G. Glumac. The lab employs a 15m shock tube to compress oxidizer to 3000 K, thereby igniting 20-micron metal and boron particles. Particles being studied are boron, aluminum, magnesium, and alloys of these metals combusting in oxygen and water vapor. A second particle ignition experiment uses a 1.5 liter, 50,000 psi combustion bomb, with optical diagnostics to study particle ignition at near steady-state conditions. A third experiment studies particle ignition using a windowed flow reactor and a solid propellant ignition source.