Honors Programs

James Scholar Program

See the College of Engineering website for further information on the James Scholar Program.

Registering for Honors credit in Math, Physics, and Chemistry

Math Honors classes will have an H at the end of the section number, such as AQH, D1H, etc.  If the section indicates departmental approval needed, the student needs to email the advisingatmath [dot] uiuc [dot] edu (Math Department) and let them know you are a James Scholar and need to register for XX section of MATH XXX.  You will need to include your UIN.

Physics Honors classes have a one hour PHYS 199 class with the section numbers beginning with an H, such as HM, HT, etc.

Chemistry Honors classes are by individual arrangement with the instructors in Chem 102 and 104.

Campus Honors Program

Entering freshmen with high ACT/SAT scores and exceptional high school records are invited by CHP to apply for admission to the program, but any incoming or currently-enrolled freshman may ask to be considered. Acceptance is based upon such factors as standardized test scores, high school class rank and grade-point average, evidence of creative and leadership abilities as displayed in extracurricular interests and activities, the strength of the application essays, and evidence of willingness to accept CHP challenges and contribute to the program.



Program Administration
bswoodrdatillinois [dot] edu (Brian Woodard)
Director of Undergraduate Programs

gerholdatillinois [dot] edu (Laura Gerhold)
Coordinator, Undergraduate Program
Room 329 Talbot Lab

Phone: 217-244-8671
Fax: 217-244-0740
Email: gerholdatillinois [dot] edu

Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM