Aerospace engineers design, analyze, model, simulate, and test aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, missiles, rockets, and the larger systems in which these vehicles operate. The aerospace engineer is often a specialist in one of many areas such as propulsion, aerodynamics, fluids, materials, flight mechanics and avionics, heat transfer, structures, cost analysis, reliability, survivability, maintainability, operations research, marketing, or airspace management. Aerospace engineers have also applied their knowledge to related fields such as automated mass transportation, bioengineering, medical systems, environmental engineering, communications, and many more.

We educate the future leaders of aerospace engineering, so they can advance human knowledge, elevate society, and continue a tradition of creating wonder. 

To do this we:

  • Have built an inclusive environment that draws excellence from the widest possible talent pool and has the broadest positive impact on society.  
  • Provide an immersive hands-on residential learning experience with our courses and student groups.
  • Offer flexible local and remote options for professionals to advance their expertise in new and traditional areas.
  • Develop the teamwork skills needed for work on integrated projects.
  • Teach the rigorous fundamentals of flow, mechanics, materials, dynamics, and all the subdisciplines that impact modern aerospace engineering.
  • Cultivate an expert faculty, internationally renowned for their research impact and engaged in our educational mission. 
  • Tackle current and emerging challenges of aerospace engineering, such as sustainability, hypersonics, autonomy, space systems, aerospace manufacturing, and next-generation computation. 
  • Provide aerospace talent to meet industry needs.
  • Leverage our alumni family to drive our continuous improvement and commitment to excellence.

Elevate society. Create wonder.

Our programs are ranked in the top 10 by US News and World Report Rankings (2023)


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Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering Program

Graduate Aerospace Engineering Program