Internationally renowned, Aerospace Engineering at Illinois scientists and engineers have contributed ground-breaking research in the fields of aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, combustion, propulsion, astrodynamics, controls and dynamical systems, and structural mechanics and materials.

Our researchers are well-known for their work in autonomous-healing materials, robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles, simulations, modeling and design. Explore all of our areas of research below.

Research Facilities

A wide range of major research resources are available for aerospace engineering research, including high speed wind tunnels, laser diagnostics, high speed imaging, atomic force microscopes, confocal microscopes, and more.


Interdisciplinary Centers

Our partnerships with interdisciplinary centers allow for advanced research collaborations across many fields, with academic, governmental, and industrial research partners.


Departmental Facilities

Aerospace Engineering Research Machine Shop and Testing facility serves faculty, staff, and students throughout the College of Engineering and across the UIUC campus with machining, fabrication and testing for research and student projects. 

Machine Shop

Mechanical Testing Facility