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Policies for all Graduate Students

The following policies apply to all Aerospace Engineering Graduate Students.


All graduate students must register in the seminar course, AE 590, and must attend all seminars each semseter while earning their graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering.


The Aerospace Engineering Department conducts annual reviews of all students enrolled in the graduate program. At the end of the spring semester, all graduate students are asked to provide information about their academic and research progress. This information is reviewed by their advisor and the Graduate Policy Committee. Students are informed in writing of the results of their review.


Policies and Prodedures on Grievance by Graduate Students

Undergraduate Contacts                                   Graduate Contacts

Brian S. Woodard

Brian S. Woodard
Director of Undergraduate Programs
(217) 300-8109

Laura Ann Gerhold

Daniel J. Bodony

Daniel J. Bodony
Associate Head
(217) 244-3844

Staci L. McDannel

Staci L. McDannel
Coordinator of Academic Programs
(217) 333-3674

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