PhD Program

This information is for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering

The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers a traditional doctoral program and a direct doctoral program. Students in either programs are required to have a research advisor and applicants are encouraged to contact department faculty in their areas of interest to inquire about possible research and funding opportunities.

Opportunity exists for specializing in computational science and engineering via the Computational Science & Engineering optional graduate concentration.

Graduate Teaching Experience
PhD students are required to hold a 25% or higher teaching assistantship for at least one semester in order to meet the requirements for the Department of Aerospace Engineering doctoral program. Information about teaching assistantships can be found on the department's teaching assistantships Web site.

Department Research
Research activities in the Department of Aerospace Engineering encompass a wide range of problem areas in aerospace engineering and related engineering disciplines as described on the department's research area Web site.

There are several nationally-renowned interdisciplinary centers in The Grainger College of Engineering where Aerospace Engineering faculty members engage in research along with many other campus faculty members. A list of these, along with links to full descriptions, appears at the department's interdisciplinary centers Web site

Members of the Aerospace Engineering Department have access to a wide range of excellent research facilities. These laboratories support a wide range of activity and are described at the department's research facilities Web site.

Graduate Options and Joint Programs

Aerospace graduate students have the option of combining their Aerospace degrees with joint programs offered through Computational Science and Engineering, the MBA Program, and the Medical Scholars Program.

Graduate Contacts

Ioannis Chasiotis   
Director of Graduate Studies

Jenna Russell

Jenna Russell
Graduate Programs Coordinator

Dung Quach Wisdom

Dung Quach Wisdom
Graduate Programs Advisor