Aerospace Engineering Alumni Board and Aerospace Alumni Strategic Advisory Committee

The mission of the University of Illinois Aerospace Engineering Alumni Board is to advance the standing, reputation, effectiveness, accomplishments, and leadership of the department and, secondarily, The Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois. 

Roles of the AE Alumni Board members:

  • To offer and maintain communication between the Department of Aerospace Engineering and its alumni.
  • Assist the department in reaching out to high school students to foster their interest in the aerospace engineering department.
  • Participate in mentorship opportunities for current students.
  • Provide assistance to aerospace student organizations (assist in projects, student visits/tours, and webinars).
  • Support student groups and courses in the curriculum by presenting “state of industry” or technical lectures.


  • Tracy Elving, president, BS'85 - 3P Excellence Consulting
  • Tom Penn, vice president, BS '85 - Cardiac Science - Retired
  • Craig Barton, chair (Masters & Certificates Alumni Advisory Group), BS '88 - American Airlines - Retired
  • Suzy Hyun, chair (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access Alumni Advisory Group), BS '97 - Northrop Grumman
  • Jon Riley, chair (Hypersonics Alumni Advisory Group), BS '87 MS '89 - National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
  • Meghana Veeramachaneni, chair (Recent Alumni Alumni Advisory Group) - Ex Officio Member, BS '18 - The Boeing Company
  • Art Ibers, BS '84 - Leidos
  • Alex Kosmala, MS '89 - AKC International
  • James McClelland, BS '86 - Maxar Technologies
  • Bill Norby, BS '85, MS '89 - The Boeing Company
  • Chris Raymond, BS '86 - The Boeing Company
  • Derek Smith, BS '91 - PricewaterhouseCoopers

Recent Alumni Advisory Group

Chair: Meghana Veeramachaneni, BS ‘18, Boeing
Kevin J. Burns, BS ‘18, Boeing
Steven Macenski, BS ’17, Samsung Research
Moiz Vahora, BS ’17, MS ’19, Boeing
Ashley Stahulak, BS ’19, Boeing
Charlie Rovin, BS ’20, Moog Inc
John Alaimo, BS ’12, MS ’19, Boeing
Samantha Paige, BS ’19, Boeing