Combustion and Propulsion

Research in combustion and propulsion is very diverse. Some of the current projects focus on various types of flows and flames, smolder waves, convective burning of cracks in energetic materials, mesoscale simulation of combustion, various types of propellants and thrusters, high performance solar sails, and heat exchangers for air liquefaction and separation. There are currently fifteen active research projects in combustion and propulsion. Several of these projects are sponsored by government agencies and leading industry companies such as: the U. S. Air Force (Office of Scientific Research and Research Laboratory), DOE Center for the Simulation of Advanced Rockets, California Institute of Technology, CU Aerospace, and NASA (Marshall Space Flight Center). The research is conducted by faculty members, numerous graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting scholars.

Faculty Researchers:

  • D. Bodony - Aeroacoustics, Computational fluid dynamics, combustion

  • J. Buckmaster (Professor Emeritus) - Fluid mechanics, applied mathematics, combustion

  • G. Elliott - Thermal and fluid sciences, experimental techniques with an emphasis on laser based diagnostic techniques, experimental supersonic and subsonic fluid mechanics, combustion, propulsion, thermal spray coating technologies, nanomaterial coatings and synthesis, aerodynamics, turbulence, acoustics, signal processing, engineering design and computational fluid dynamics.

  • P. Geubelle - Computational solid mechanics, computational aeroelasticity, fracture mechanics, novel material design, composite materials, multiscale modeling