Transfer from Institutions Outside UIUC

The Aerospace Department encourages interested outstanding undergraduate students attending other institutions to apply for admission. Please contact the UIUC Office of Admissions after consulting the Transfer Handbook on the UIUC Office of Admissions website: University of Illinois Transfer Handbook

Inter-Collegiate and Inter-Departmental Transfer Criteria and Procedures

Inter-college and inter-departmental transfer: The Aerospace Department encourages interested UIUC undergraduate students to petition to transfer into Aerospace Engineering. Please check the transfer procedures on the College of Engineering website.

Undergraduate & Graduate Contacts

Brian S. Woodard

Brian S. Woodard
Director of Undergraduate Programs
(217) 300-8109

Laura Ann Gerhold

John Lambros

John Lambros
Interim Director of Graduate Studies
(217) 333-2242

Jenna Russell

Jenna Russell
Graduate Programs Coordinator

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