Applied Aerodynamics

What is Applied Aerodynamics?

The aerodynamic performance, such as the lift and drag, of a body is governed by the flow of air across its surface. Applied aerodynamics seeks to understand and utilize the fundamental aspects of this fluid flow in the analysis, design, and integration of aerodynamic geometries. The field of applied aerodynamics covers a broad range of applications, involving generally any object that experiences aerodynamic forces in fluid flow, though common applications include fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft, wind turbines and propellers, ground and marine vehicles, avian and insect flight, and atmospheric flows.

What is going on in applied aerodynamics research at Illinois?

The research being conducted at Illinois in applied aerodynamics covers an extensive range of applications and flight regimes. Ongoing research projects aim to better understand the aerodynamic performance of airfoils and wings at low Reynolds numbers, or during rapid maneuvers. Additional studies focus on airfoil design and wing shape optimization, aerodynamic flow control, and propulsion-airframe integration. Researchers at Illinois use an array of analytical, computational, and experimental techniques in their studies, including the low-speed, transonic, and supersonic wind tunnels at the Aerodynamics Research Laboratory.

Who are the faculty members in this area?

  • Phillip J. Ansell- Applied aerodynamics, flight mechanics, flow control, unsteady aerodynamics, unsteady flows, wake and shear flows, experimental aerodynamics, flow control, aircraft design, aircraft performance, aerodynamic measurement technology
  • Michael B. Bragg-
  • Michael S. Selig- Applied computational and experimental aerodynamics; airfoil design and analysis; aircraft design, performance, stability, and control;flight mechanics;  flight simulation; wind energy, applied aerodynamics, computational and experimental aerodynamics

Courses in this Area

  • AE 410: Computational Aerodynamics
  • AE 416: Applied Aerodynamics
  • AE 419: Aircraft Flight Mechanics
  • AE 515: Wing Theory
  • AE 598 AAA: Advanced Applied Aerodynamics
  • AE 598 UA: Unsteady Aerodynamics