Aerospace engineers are involved at every step of research, development, integration, and production of aerospace systems. You’ll work with rockets, satellites, missiles, aircrafts, spacecraft, and all the systems that surround these fields. But before you can be there, you need a top of the line education and hands-on experiences. The Department of Aerospace Engineering is an international leader the field. With top 10 nationally ranked undergraduate and graduate programs, internationally renowned faculty, and state-of-the-art research facilities, the department has been committed to excellence and leadership in teaching, research, and service since its inception in 1944.


Professional Development Programs:

Aerospace Engineering at Illinois offers five specialized certificates to best fit your interests.

Undergraduate Contacts

Brian S. Woodard

Brian S. Woodard
Undergraduate Programs
(217) 300-8109

Laura Ann Gerhold

Laura Ann Gerhold
Academic Advisor & Coordinator of Undergraduate Program
(217) 244-8671

Audrey Cochran

Audrey Cochran
Academic Advisor

Graduate Contacts

Ioannis Chasiotis
Director of Graduate Studies
(217) 244-1474

Jenna RussellJenna Russell
Graduate Programs Coordinator

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