Strain gaging and load cells

A specialty of the AE Machine Shop is strain gaging and the construction and calibration of load cells.

Strain gaging

Electrical-resistance strain gages allow the monitoring of mechanical strains in loaded components, such as this composite shell. The AE Machine Shop specializes in applying strain gages to a wide variety of components, large and small.

Strain gages are commonly used for load cells, which are transducers for converting mechanical load to an electrical signal.

Load cells

Load cells from the Machine Shop
Load cells from the Machine Shop

Commercial-grade load cells are designed, AE Machine Shop strain gaging and load cells manufactured, repaired, and calibrated in the AE Machine Shop. Typical load cells use multiple strain-gage rosettes wired in a full Wheatstone bridge to minimize effects of bending and temperature change.

Load cells come in all sizes. Shown here is a miniature two-element load cell with a compliant core.

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