Aerospace at Illinois has a tradition of working hard to lead innovation and discovery. We inspire young minds to look to the sky, provide top level engineering education, and our alumni and faculty work to solve the world’s most important challenges. Your support ensures that the department continues a global standard for engineering research and education. Gifts, mentorship, alumni boards, and youth outreach are all valuable ways to grow and support the aerospace community.

A young George Carruthers with the far-ultraviolet camera and spectrograph
George Carruthers (right) and a telescope developed by Dr. Carruthers

Aerospace Engineering at Illinois has a long history of providing students an all-encompassing educational experience. Many of these experiences result from the students’ interaction with our diverse alumni, who remain engaged with the department years after leaving campus.

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Aerospace Alumni Constituent Group

The purpose of the Aerospace Alumni Constituent Group shall be to:

  • Represent the alumni of the Aerospace Engineering Department
  • Advance the standing, reputation, accomplishments, and leadership of the department, the College of Engineering, and the University
  • Promote the participation of the alumni in the affairs of the University

Mark Crowley, President
Aerospace Engineering Alumni Advisory Board

The Aerospace Alumni Constituent Group is a constituent member of the University of Illinois Alumni Association.

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Advancement & Alumni Contact

Tim Cochrane

Tim Cochrane
Assistant Director of Advancement & Alumni Relations
(217) 333-1149

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