Breadth and Mathematics Requirements

Aerospace Engineering Breadth Requirements

Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Combustion
and Propulsion (AFMCP)

AE 410/CSE 461: Computational Aerodynamics
AE 412/ME 411: Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer
AE 416: Applied Aerodynamics
AE 419: Aircraft Flight Mechanics
AE 433: Aerospace Propulsion
AE 434: Rocket Propulsion
AE 435: Electric Space Propulsion
AE 451: Aeroelasticity
AE 485: Spacecraft Environment
AE 498 SA: Sustainable Aviation
AE 498 CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics
AE 498 HAT: Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics
AE 510/ ME 510: Advanced Gas Dynamics
AE 511: Transonic Aerodynamics
AE 512: Molecular Gas Dynamics
AE 514: Boundary Layer Theory
AE 515: Wing Theory
AE 538/ ME 501: Combustion Fundamentals
AE 564: Advanced Aero Propulsion Lab
AE 598 AAA: Advanced Applied Aerodynamics
AE 598 CAA: Aeroacoustics
AE 598 CFD: Advanced Computational Aerodynamics
AE 598 GNC: Planetary Entry
AE 598 MAF: Modal Analysis Fluids Flow
AE 598 MCF: Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics
TAM 531: Inviscid Flow
TAM 532: Viscous Flow
TAM 536: Instability and Transition
TAM 537: Experimental Fluid Mechanics
TAM 538: Turbulence
TAM 570/CSE 560: Computational Fluid Mechanics

Controls and Dynamical Systems (CDS)




Space Systems (SS)

AE 454: Systems Dynamics & Control
AE 502: Advanced Orbital Mechanics
AE 504: Optimal Aerospace Systems
AE 555: Multivariable Control
AE 556: Robust Control
AE 598 AAO: Autonomy Against the Odds
ECE 515/ME 540: Control System Theory and Design
ECE 470/AE 482/CS 443/GE 421/ME 445: Introduction to Robotics

AE 402 Orbital Mechanics
AE 403 Spacecraft Attitude Control
AE 456 Global Navigation Satellite Systems
AE 468 Optical Remote Sensing
AE 485 Spacecraft Environment
AE 498 IHS: Intro to Human Spaceflight 
AE 498 SLO: Space Launch Vehicle Design
AE 598 Planetary Entry

Structural Mechanics and Materials (SMM)

Also accepted are any courses which have the below-listed SMM courses as prerequisites.

AE 451: Aeroelasticity
AE 498 SDO: Structural Design Optimization
AE 498 SS: Space Structures
AE 551/TAM 514: Elastodynamics and Vibrations
ME 471/AE 420/CSE 451: Finite Element Analysis
TAM 416/AE 452: Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibrations
TAM 427/AE 427/MSE 454: Mechanics of Polymers
TAM 428/AE 428/MSE 456: Mechanics of Composites
TAM 451: Intermediate Solid Mechanics
TAM 551: Solid Mechanics I
TAM 552: Solid Mechanics II

It is possible that a MS student may have taken one or more of these or equivalent courses at the University of Illinois or elsewhere. In this case, if the course has not been used toward another degree, the student is allowed to petition to certify that one of the core area requirements has already been satisfied.

Mathematics Requirements

Graduate students are expected to exhibit competence in applied mathematics. MS students may meet this requirement by taking a minimum of 3-4 hours of mathematics courses from this list:

  • ECE 580: Optimiz by Vector Space Methds
  • MATH 446: Applied Complex Variables
  • MATH 447: Real Variables
  • MATH 448: Complex Variables
  • MATH 461: Probability Theory
  • MATH 481: Vector and Tensor Analysis
  • MATH 482: Linear Programming
  • MATH 484: Nonlinear Programming
  • MATH 487: Advanced Engineering Math/Same as ECE 493
  • MATH 488: Math Methods in Engineering
  • MATH 489: Differential Equations II
  • MATH 490: Advanced Topics in Mathematics - Math of Machine Learning
  • Any MATH 500-level courses except MATH 567, 568, 578, 579, 595, 597, 598, 599
  • PHYS 508: Mathematical Physics I
  • PHYS 509: Mathematical Physics II
  • STAT 400: Statistics and Probability I
  • STAT 410: Statistics and Probability II
  • TAM 541: Mathematical Methods I
  • TAM 542: Mathematical Methods II
  • TAM 549: Asymptotic Methods

Graduate Contacts

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