The Aerospace Engineering shop offers welding, cutting, grinding, and other fabrication services.

Welding and cutting

Oxy-acetylene, arc, metal–inert gas (MIG), and tungsten–inert gas (TIG) welding are provided in the AE weld shop. Illustrated here is the TIG welding of a stainless-steel load cell cover. Thick-section cutting with an oxyacetylene cutting torch is also available. Here a notch is being fabricated in a 2-in.- thick steel disk.

Finishing flat surfaces
Finishing flat surfaces


Finishing flat surfaces

A portable grinder is often used for rough smoothing of large components. A surface grinder is also available for fine finishing of flat surfaces.

Fabricating a fluid-mechanics observation tank.
Fabricating a fluid-mechanics observation tank.

General fabrication

Fabricating a fluid-mechanics observation tank.

AE Machine Shop staff are available for a variety of fabrication and assembly services. Here a fluid-mechanics observation tank is being assembled by shop personnel and a research assistant in the laboratory. The base and uprights had been machined in the AE Machine shop. Glass panels were furnished by a local vendor.

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