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Degree requirements

The MS non-thesis degree requirements are summarized in the table below.



Total Coursework

32 hrs

(Up to 4 hrs of coursework may be in AE 597 or another independent study course)

500-level coursework:

12 hrs

AE coursework:

8 hrs at the 500-level in AE

Math coursework:

1 course from approved list

Thesis credit:


AE 590 Seminar:

Enrolled all semesters; attend 10 seminars per semester

Breadth coursework:

1 course from all three specialty areas

AE coursework required:

(400-level or above)

16 hrs

The MS non-thesis degree requires 32 hours of coursework. Students must choose at least one course from each of the three AE specialty areas (AFMCP: Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Combustion and Propulsion; ACDS: Astrodynamics, Controls and Dynamical Systems; SMM: Solid Mechanics and Materials) and may concentrate in more depth in one particular area if they choose. They can also develop cross-disciplinary programs in consultation with their advisor.


Note: The course listing is subject to change. Please check back often; courses may be added as the semester schedules are developed. Register through Engineering Online. Non-degree students must obtain AE department approval to enroll in courses (contact Aerospace Graduate Office).

Online Course Offerings

Full Listing of Course Offerings

For more information about AE graduate programs and courses, or to apply online, visit the graduate section of the AE web site.


Grainger College of Engineering exam proctoring information can be found hereAll students (including returning students) must submit proposed proctor information each semester.  You MUST use this Grainger College of Engineering form. Please read through this important information carefully and note that there may be proctoring exam fees incurred if you are required to use a professional service.  We encourage you to work with your instructor and plan ahead with scheduling these exams while adhering to course policy and exam deadlines.

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