Student Projects in the Machine Shop

The rich extracurricular environment at UIUC is assisted by AE Machine Shop personnel.

Hybrid racing

Aluminum housing machined using the CNC mill.

A recent example of a student project is this student-designed planetary gearset for a hybrid racecar. All the pieces shown were fabricated in the AE Machine Shop using a combination of wire EDM and CNC milling.

The aluminum housing for the gearbox was machined using the 3-axis CNC mill in the AE Machine Shop.


Concrete cylinders used during EOH

Engineering Open House, organized by Engineering Council student societies in the College of Engineering. Several months before the March event, AE Machine Shop personnel cast 18-in.-diameter concrete cylinders in Talbot Lab’s crane bay and store them outside to cure. During the two days of Engineering Open House, the AE Machine Shop assists the Society for Experimental Mechanics in the concrete-crushing exhibit, one of the most popular EOH events.