Composites Manufacturing Labs

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Jeff Baur 14, 14A, 15A, 15B, 5A, 6B Talbot Lab & OPEL  

The Composites Manufacturing Laboratory (CML) houses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment for polymer matrix composites. Research in the labs is focused on the development of new composite manufacturing methods as well as novel materials that display autonomous functionality. The White research group has had a range of funding sources including AFSOR, ARL, BP, ARO, DOE, DARPA, NASA, Boeing, ONR, NIH, NSF, and Department of Homeland Security to name a few.


Facility and Equipment Description

The lab contains a range of equipment to manufacture both polymer and fiber reinforced-composites, such as autoclave, ovens, hot presses, etc., allowing us to explore a variety of manufacturing techniques, from conventional oven curing to resin infusion processes. We also possess equipment to post-process our manufactured components, such as tile saw and drill press. Using an Instron mechanical test frame, we can mechanically characterize these components via tensile, compression, and bending tests. Additionally, our lab contains an ultrasound allowing for the non-destructive testing of specimens after manufacture or testing. It is used to determine damage area or large voids within the specimen.