Nanomechanics and Materials Research Lab

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Professor I. Chasiotis Room 6N, 19 and 206G
Talbot Laboratory
217-244-1474 Nanomechanics and Materials Research Lab

Description of Research:

Directed by Professor I. Chasiotis. At NMRL we investigate the mechanics of micro\nanoscale devices, structures, and materials with nanoscale components whose effective mechanical behavior deviates from that of bulk materials. Materials of interest are polycrystalline silicon, diamond-like carbon, and metal thin films for Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), polymer matrix nanocomposites, nanofibers, and nanowires. In such systems the local deformation and failure mechanisms are strongly influenced by the material micro\nanostructure, interphase properties, and characteristic length scale defined by the size and geometry of the material constituents. Physical processes occurring at the nano- and mesoscales are responsible for novel and technologically desirable macroscale material behavior. NMRL specializes in development of direct experimental methods for the investigation of local material behavior using high-resolution Scanning Probe Microscopy. Research at NMRL is supported by NSF, NSF-NIRT, AFOSR, NASA, and ARO, and through collaborations with Sandia National Laboratories, AFRL, and NASA.