Nonlinear Systems Lab

Faculty Researchers Location Phone Website
Professor N. S. Namachchivaya Room 302J
Talbot Laboratory
217-333-9244 Nonlinear Systems Lab

Description of Research:

Directed by Professor N. S. Namachchivaya. The focus of the Nonlinear Systems Laboratory is to study the complex interaction between noise, stability, and nonlinearities inherent in mechanical and structural systems. The goal of the experimental investigations carried out in the lab is to verify the analytical results obtained by the Nonlinear Systems Group. The results of these experiments will add important insight into many global phenomena that occur in nonlinear systems. Current activities include the investigation of the stability and bifurcation behavior of gyroscopic systems subjected to periodic or stochastic excitations. This lab is supported through partial funding from an NSF Research Equipment Grant, AFOSR, and Tektronix, Inc.