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The Department of Aerospace Engineering is dedicated to fostering a learning environment in which all students may achieve their full potential.

Jonathan Freund
Jonathan Freund

  Read a Q & A on diversity with Willett Professor and Dept. Head Jonathan Freund.


Diversity Resources

The following are links to a number of programs and resources for students from U.S. populations who are underrepresented.

Graduate College Diversity Resources for Students

The Grainger College of Engineering

Multi-Cultural Engineering Recruitment for Graduate Education (MERGE)

Inclusive Illinois

Undergraduate Contacts                                   Graduate Contacts

Brian S. Woodard

Brian S. Woodard
Director of Undergraduate Programs
(217) 300-8109

Laura Ann Gerhold

Daniel J. Bodony

Daniel J. Bodony
Associate Head
(217) 244-3844

Jenna Russell

Jenna Russell
Graduate Programs Coordinator



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